How will SUPERGESTURES empower you to take action in your city?

SUPERGESTURES is a participatory art project co-created by artist and the people of Manchester. Participants will use wearable technology (technology worn on the body) to create a language of body gestures. This gestural language will express both their relationship with the city and their vision of a future smart city.

The project involves a series of workshops where participants aged 15 - 30 years old will collectively invent a language of SUPERGESTURES; an interactive outdoor performance open to the public, and, lastly, an online platform telling their stories.

The finale of SUPERGESTURES will take place at Future Sessions in March 2018, the culmination of Every Thing is Connected, a three-day ‘conference-as-lab’ exploring the findings from local and international Smart City projects.

Interested to take part in the SUPERGESTURES performance on 3rd March? Sign up here!

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SUPERGESTURES is an artwork created by Ling Tan. Commissioned by CityVerve in partnership with FutureEverything. Supported by with public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. | |

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